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I've never loved art paintings as much as I love yours.
Keep them coming please!

( Michelle R. , Phoenix / Arizona)

I just took a look at your home page to see more of your artwork. In my 63 years, I think you are quite possibly my favorite artist ever.

Your landscapes are serene but dramatic at the same time, you melty piano series is quite humourous, and the quarter moon as the light of a candle is brilliant.

Your style and color sense is inspirational to me. Similar to mine times 100. Wow!

(Jan A., Edwardsville IL/ USA)

" Damijan, ich habe soeben dein Bild ausgepackt und ich bin wirklich absolut begeistert. Es ist einfach nur atemberaubend und wirklich das schönste Bild, was ich bis jetzt je gesehen habe."
(Janine M. ,  Baden-Württemberg / Germany)

You have a very rare combination of creative genius and talent. Your amusing and witty paintings provide something beyond amazing art.
They provide viewers a relaxing and soothing quality much like watching fish dance around in an aquarium.
( R.C. , collector / Jacksonville, Florida / USA)

" Your´re one of my favorite living artists. It takes a lot to impress me but almost everything you do is a master piece."
(K.West/Iowa USA)


" I have it, and am EXTREMELY happy to have this original work of yours!!"



( N.Lavey / New York City)


" Damijan Fric You are my mentor and major influence of how to paint! You are a Living Master Painter! The world is a much better place of your hard work and dedication to Art!
(N.Hopkins / Sacramento/ California, USA)


" I´ll tell ya what I really like: the fact that you didn´t ask what people think of it. I read too many posts where folks just lookin´ for compliments. Art, as you posted, is for people to view and then make their own impression of it; without asking anything; which shows the artist has confidence. Bravo!
(Phillip J. / Manhatten, New York City)


"You capture atmosphere and ambience more than I've ever felt before in each piece. Each piece you create is easily $10,000"
(T.McCann / Ottawa, Canada)


"Ich danke Dir, Damijan, für dieses wunderbare Gemälde!
Mein erster und letzter Blick des Tages fällt darauf und beeinflußt mein Leben nachhaltig zum Positiven"     (G.T. / Wien, Österreich)


"You are the most talented artist and it is a mystery to many how you can create as you do with such vision and depth."  
(D.Fruehling / Kansas, USA)


What I appreciate about your work with flood and storms is that they don't impart a fear or sense of dread and darkness to me. I feel they are more akin to a fantastical adventure, journey into the rabbit holes of perception and a cleansing of banality. Thank you for your Imagination, eye, talent and invitations to these places!

( E.A. Roper / Colorado, USA )


Your paintings are amazing. I am far from knowledgeable about art but when I saw yours for the first time just now I really felt something from them, from a lot of them. Such beauty you bring to this world!

( S.Fordham / Florida, USA )